Product Advantages

Automatic, reduces downtime, restores data or service regardless of your session copy-backup.

CSBS backs up all EVS disks at the same point in time, removing any potential inconsistencies in your data.


Permanent incremental backup slashes the time needed for backup by 95%; incremental restoration restores only the data modified since last backup, reducing the recovery time objective (RTO) down to minutes.

Easy to Use

Backup can be configured in three easy steps and does not require elaborate planning. Adding to the appeal, storage space on backup servers can be easily expanded when required.


Backups of encrypted disks are also encrypted, ensuring multiple levels of security. Backup data is stored in multiple data centers, ensuring 99.999999999% data durability.


quick and flexible backup and restore your data or service
Guaranteed Data Security

Periodic (hourly or longer) backup can be performed automatically without shutting down the server.

Shortened Interruption Duration

CSBS supports instant restoration of backup data. The service system can be recovered within several minutes.

Reduced O&M Costs

Operations of CSBS do not require professional IT knowledge, enabling zero-based users to get started easily.


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